We start with data.

We built the Digital Equity Snapshot for state broadband offices to plan broadband infrastructure.

We use raw data from the following sources, along with HR&A's formulas for computing indexes:

This application was designed and built by Greta Byrum, Danny Fuchs, Rachel Grainger, and Eddie Joe Antonio from HR&A, with Grace McCants, Carmen Cañas, Isaac Durazo, Z Goddard, Erika Miguel, Alexander Flenniken, and Boaz Sender from Bocoup.

Reading maps and graphs

Single colors

When we represent a single type (e.g. in a dot density map) we use a single color:

Contrasting colors

When we represent an index (a value synthesized from multiple attributes using HR&A's logic), we show show the distance from an average using two contrasting spectrums of color:

Spectrum colors

When we represent an percentage, we use a single spectrum:

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